Curacao E-Gaming

curacao-egaming Curacao is a Caribbean island found in the Antilles: its capital city is called Willemstad. Curacao has legalized all the gambling activities that run in its country as long as they adhere to set regulations and standards as well as operating under the Licensing Authority. So what is Curacao e-gaming (also referred to as electronic games) Authority? The nation has a set of laws for the gambling operations that take place there. Master licenses are issued by the country’s Ministry of Justice. The Licensing Companies are required to act as the sole regulators of the gambling companies. In turn, they are required to act in the name of the issuer of the license.

As for this case, Curacao e-gaming conveniently provides a comprehensive type of license. The license is referred to the E-gaming Licensing Authority. The license is issued to three main stakeholders in the gambling industry namely the service operators, gambling software providers and the service providers. The license is fully equipped to cater for the licensing process and any further consultation that may be needed. The license also offers any supervisory requirements for the compliance process and extra services like assistance in banking. In case any payment processes are required, the package also incorporates this. More to this, they also provide support for back-office and any DNS hosting for the operator.

Key roles of Curacao e-gaming

Curacao e-gaming authority is one of the four main authorities that regulate any gambling activities that are performed online in Curacao. Simply put, the Authority is the key manager. Curacao e-gaming authority is tasked with the mandate of overseeing the licensing procedures to the gaming operators. The authority also ensures that any infrastructure required by the operators is developed. More to that, they provide cloud servers to offer support for the electronic gaming industry. The gaming authority is the general overseer that is it heads the franchise by giving the e-gaming companies licenses to carry out their operations.

Before the gaming operators are issued with the operations license, they need to adhere to all the terms and conditions of the Authority. After this, the operator is issued with the license and they can proceed with their operations as long as they follow the national laws pertaining to gambling.

You may not know that Curacao e-gaming is one of the key gaming authorities in the world where you can obtain a license for online gaming platforms. The authority has a proven track record for offering support for the worldwide gaming/gambling industries that operate online. License holders are required to follow strict measures against fraud to ensure that the gambling industry is free from criminal activity, no money laundering occurs and the players interest as well as his/her money is protected at all times.

Position of the Authority Gambling Authority sector

Curacao e-gaming authority has been issuing licenses in the country dating back to 1996. There are key players in the gambling sector namely the UK gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority. Curacao e-gaming is not very well known if you compare it to the previous two. However, the Authority has been steadfast as a front runner in offering financial platforms while focusing on an open-end and prosperous economy.

Services provided by the Curacao e-gaming Authority

Any bodies in the electronic gaming industry can freely sign up for the services below:

  • Management of any infrastructure that supports the gaming industry in Curacao.
  • Issue licenses to the operators in the industry.
  • Provide a secure cloud platform or spaces in the server where all the data from the gaming can be stored for future use. The backed up information can be retrieved at any time, if need be, either by the operators or the Authority itself.
  • Offer operators an independent platform where they can freely operate as long as they have the license from Curacao E-gaming.
  • For casinos, they provide website templates.
  • It is also ensures the foreseeable future of the gambling industry remains hopeful and safe.

Games supported by the Authority

Curacao gaming Authority oversees a vast list of games in the gambling industry. The e-gaming Authority covers all online gambling forms. Games supported include:

  • Lotteries
  • Sports betting
  • Online casino games
  • Online video pokers
  • Games skill and chances

Identifying a casino licensed by Curacao e-gaming

To find out if an online casino or any gambling site is licensed, you can check the small print located at the bottom of the homepage. Next to the license print, you will also find the information about the licensing of the venue. Information on the gaming software is also indicated along with the key methods of payment that the operator offers plus any other certifications the operator may have. You can also access the licensing information on the casinos ‘About Us’ or the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

In case the Curacao e-gaming’s logo is not displayed, click on the e-gaming icon. A pop up window emerges that lists the operator’s official business name, the trade name plus the company’s address, the licensing number and the current status of the license that is if it’s valid or under review. If you want to place a complaint against the operator to the licensing body, there is a section for that. Gaming operators licensed by the Authorities or jurisdictions such as Curacao readily display the license information and if you can’t find the information, there is likelihood that the site is not licensed or the licensing body is not genuine.

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The Bottom-line

It is important to ensure that the gambling site you are using is licensed by a legit gambling jurisdiction. Otherwise, you will end up losing your money to a fraudster if you play before putting this into consideration. Playing with licensed gambling sites licensed by Authorities such as Curacao e-gaming ensures that the gaming operator adheres to universal rules and regulations. This protects your rights as a player and the chances of losing your money to conmen in the industry is reduced significantly. The bottom line is that you can have your piece of mind by knowing that the gambling space is well gorverned and that player protection is of topmost importance.