Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Alderney Gambling Control Commission  If you are thinking of engaging in online gambling, you will need to consider the safety element of the platform as well as fairness. There are several gaming sites that are available online for players to choose from. Given the numbers, it is a bit challenging to settle for a gaming site that is actually genuine and one that offers a safe and fair environment. Authorities have taken up the mandate to issue licenses and manage online gaming platforms in their individual countries. Alderney Gambling Control Commission abbreviated as AGCC is one of the key Authorities that are in charge of all the online gambling activities in Alderney. The commission was set up to manage and oversee fair electronic gambling.

Overview of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)

Alderney is a small island that has minimal socio-economic activities and businesses to generate the much needed income by the State. The State directed its focus to online gaming platforms to source for income. Online gaming platforms are on a constant growth curve and therefore can be depended on but not all times. Online gaming sites have applied for licensing from the AGCC to become part of the Alderney Jurisdiction which uses as a hands-on approach method to control the sites. This in turn has made the commission trustworthy as a gaming regulator as it offers any technical guidance and support to the players as well. A player is therefore confident when they play on an online gaming site that is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The Commission is also an active and participating member of the International Association of Gaming Regulators and Gaming Regulators European Forum. On the Commission’s website, is a list of gaming sites that are licensed by the AGCC. You can click on the ‘licensees’ link and click on the ‘egaming Licensees’.

Goals of the AGCC

They main goals or rather objectives of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission are to shield and improve the overall reputation as a topnotch regulation authority for online gambling. Based on this reputation, many online gaming sites are therefore necessitated to get licensing from the commission to win the favor of players who are cautious of where they put their money. Players prefer sites under this jurisdiction as they can also be certain enough that they are being provided with the best experiences for the online gaming as they Authority is very strict on non-complying sites. Alderney also targets the mobile bingo sites and if the site is registered with AGCC, the Commission’s seal is clearly displayed. As stated earlier, the Commission ensures that any form of online gaming is carried out in a manner that is transparent and fair for all stakeholders.

  • The Commission also ensures that all the online gaming platforms are not prone to any criminal activities.
  • Besides this, AGCC monitors the gaming activities to ensure that minor and vulnerable populations are not discriminated.
  • Anyone offering gaming platforms and websites that offer bingo offer a secure environment for the players.
  • AGCC ensures that the platform has a bank facility that is secure and independent.
  • It also ensures the gambling site has a topnotch software that is encrypted to guarantee the privacy of the player’s private and financial data is not revealed and is secured at any time
  • To ensure that slot games, bingo, card and table games utilize verifiable generators of random numbers that are audited by an external body. This is for the purpose of providing the results of the online games.


  • For, small gaming business that are starting up have a hard time obtaining this license

Licenses offered by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The Commission is widely known for its licensing for online gaming an gambling sites. It issues licensing for several gaming activities. If you wish to apply for a license, then you can apply for the licenses discussed below:

Category 1 licensing

This license is tailor-made for the Business to Consumer platform that is B2C.  It facilitates any necessary preparations and arrangement of gambling activities. The licensing process involves player registration, a relationship defined by a contract and the ways in which the licensee manages the funds generate from the players.

Category 2 licensing

This is a Business to Business (B2B) license. It enables the business to efficiently effect any transactions that will take place during gambling. These transactions will include management of any operations that occur on the gambling or gaming site.

Temporal e-gaming license

The Alderney Gambling Control commission is among a few others that offers a temporary license for electronic gaming. If you wish to engage in online gaming activities for a short period, you can apply for these licenses.

Other licenses issued by the commission include:

  • Foreign gambling licenses
  • Core service associate license
  • Certificates for hosting

How to apply for the AGCC License

To apply for the Alderney Gambling Control Commission License, the licensee must have a proven track record in terms of stability. Small online gambling businesses and startups will have hard time obtaining this license due to the strict procedures and standards that the Commission has put in place. To obtain either of the two licensing categories, the online gambling operators must disclose all their information to the AGCC as well payment of ten thousand pounds. The Commission conducts a preliminary investigation to ascertain the financial stability of the operator. An audit is conducted to this effect. The potential operator will also provide enough evidence that all the gaming devices and any soft wares that will be used on the platform are secured and are not tampered with. After the AGCC is satisfied with the findings, they will issue a license approval for the operator.

Bottom line

 Alderney Gambling Control Commission is known for its strict licensing procedures in the world of gambling. It focuses on factors of transparency of the sites as well as creating a culture of a favorable gambling environment. Businesses that cannot prove their financial stability will have a hard time obtaining the license. For the players, this means that they can enjoy free and fair gaming.